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23 Let the identification of the childs needs forge common ground. Encourage the family to think about and discuss their childs needs. This will help refocus the conversation on the purpose of your involvement. Engagement and Assessing Understanding When the temperature is a little lower invite the family to think about what help would look like to them. Bring forward some of the worries they have shared and help them envision having help from friends family and professionals in coping with this situation. Teaming. Leave them thinking about a solution. Give people permission to think about it and let you know how it could work for them. Empowering people to make decisions that impact their lives is a key component of the Core Practice Model. Teaming. Remind families they have not failed... they have just been temporarily derailed. Continuing to offer support and empowerment is the key to building trust and allowing people to make their decision in their time is true respect. Keep it going.