Questions to Help The Conversation


Tell me about your best day ever.

What happened that day that was different or better than usual?

Who was there? What was everyone doing? (Can help identify additional supports)

Tell me what you were doing. (Gets to personal strengths and interests)

Tell me what you like best about your family.(Identifies what we want to keep or re-create)

Tell me what’s going well for you right now.

Tell me what you might be worried about right now.

What advice can you give me on how to do my best work with you and your family?


What do you think your child needs?

Tell me what your child is looking forward to right now.

Take me back to when things were going well.

What safety worries does the team have?

What are some of the things that are difficult for your child right now?


Tell me about what you’re best at. How often do you get to do that? Are there ways that I can support you in getting more (training, opportunities, freedom) to keep doing what you love?

Tell me how we can best work together.

You have a lot of responsibility. What would you most like someone to ‘take off your shoulders’?

What are some decisions you get to make on your own right now? What decisions, if any, do you think you should be more or less involved in? (Establishes a discussion about family voice and choice, and opens door to working together on important decisions.)

How do you think adults in your life view you? What else would you want them to know about you? (Builds to ways that youth can take control of their relationships and network.)

Share with me who you trust the most to give you good advice. (Builds to a circle of support.)

What makes you proud?

If you were to build a team of people to help you, who would you put on that team? (Builds team list and resources.)