How am I Doing?



  • Did I listen with openness?
  • Did I nurture honest dialogue?
  • Did I look beneath the child’s behavior to identify underlying needs?
  • Did I help find and build connections to support the child or youth?
  • Did I explore relationships that may impact the child’s/youth’s safety and well-being?
  • Did I ensure connection and support?


  • Did I help the family identify and build natural supports?
  • Did I honor the family’s unique culture, community and experience in helping them design their team?
  • Did I encourage the team to share thoughtful hunches about the child’s needs?
  • Did I connect the child/family/youth to supports or advocates?
  • Did I show the caregiver respect and offer resources to assist them in their role?
  • Did I facilitate sharing of important information across all parties?


  • Did I promote self-advocacy and empowerment in finding solutions, planning, and decision-making?
  • Did I listen for loss?
  • Did I use the cultural lens to honor the family culture?
  • Did I assess the need this child/youth/family may have for coaching and support?

  • Is it possible any biases are impacting this family’s service or results?
  • Do I understand the link between the family story and the family’s current functioning and underlying needs?

Planning & Intervention

  • Did I tailor supports to underlying needs?
  • Did I help facilitate appropriate supports and services to reach a team solution?
  • Did I have a chance to customize the visitation for this family, when applicable?
  • Did I create an optimal team environment?

  • Did I promote recovery and well-being?
  • Did I help create shared agreement on culturally sensitive services to address safety, well-being and family needs?

Tracking & Adapting

  • What is working now that we should continue or expand?
  • What is not working? Who should I engage in thinking about changing course?
  • How can I empower the team to think about tracking and adapting to make the best and safest plan with this family?

Questions to Ask Others

  • Based on what we have done together so far, what do you think is going well in our work? What could be improved?
  • What advice would you give me about my work with your family?
  • What is one thing that I could do better or differently that would help us make our work together stronger?